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In this Scientific American article, Sarah Bate summarizes the results from her recent study, showing improved face recognition abilities in children who had been training their skills with a modified version of the game “Guess who?”
(Original Study, DOI:10.1037/xge0000689)


A graphic novel about a childhood experience with face blindness, created by a very talented young graphic artist. To view the graphic novel click here ◁◁◁. To view the artist’s website go to

Portrait Artist Chuck Close is faceblind. Read about his experience here:

The late Oliver Sacks, neurologist and science writer, spoke about his face blindness at radiolab:

Literature, Movies and Podcasts

Writer Heather Sellers has written a memoir, titled “You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know”, which includes the impact of discovering that she is face blind. To view her website go to:

Writer Raymond Benson has written a thriller about a crime victim who is face blind. The book is titled “Face Blind”.

WNYC Radio Radiolab published a podcast on the topic. “Strangers in the Mirror” recapitulates the nuts and bolts of a debate between Oliver Sacks and Chuck Close at Hunter College in New York City as part of the World Science Festival. You can find the podcast and listen to it here:

A personal essay titled, “I Shouldn’t Know You Again If We Did Meet” by Sylvia Karasu.

An article on, what it is like to be coming out as face blind.

       Jeff Waters discusses face blindness in his Face Blind Podcast.

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“Prosopagnosia/Face Blind Book”


“Prosopagnosia/Parents Support Group”

“Prosopagnosia Awareness Information Page”

“Face Blindness- Prosopagnosia”

“Face Blind UK”


T-shirts designed to alert others to your Face Blindness:

Read about face blindness and Ducan Bannatyne’s experiences in this article, published by The Guardian:

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The Harvard Buisness Review article, written by Sarah Bate appeared on

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Interested in finding out more about prosopagnosia research studies at The Rockefeller University? You can visit the study websites or call us:



❖   1-800-RU-CARES

Rockefeller University Laboratory of Neural Systems (Dr. Winrich Freiwald and Dr. Christina Pressl):

Dr. Christina Pressl’s website:


Prosopagnosia Research Center (Dr. Brad Duchaine):

Boston Attention and Learning Lab (Dr. Joe DeGutis):

The Human Vision and Eye-Movement (HVEM) laboratory (Dr. Jason Barton):

Centre for Face Processing Disorders at Bournemouth University:

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