This page is intended to help you with the interpretation of your Cambridge Face Memory Test (CFMT) results.

The CFMT contains 72 face images total and the test measures face identity memory skills.

Test results are usually reported as percent-correct (%correct) scores, reflecting the number of times the tests taker chose the correct answer/face.

For example: Receiving a 100%correct score means that the test taker chose the correct answer 72 times and was able to correctly identify and memorize all 72 face images.

To interpret your score: Search for your %correct score in the table below to see which category most likely fits your performance.

Please note, interpretations are accurate for individuals above the age of 18 years only. Also, if you are not prosopagnosic your score will depend on your level of attention during the test.

Screen Shot 2016-12-09 at 10.41.44 AM.png

IMPORTANT: If you came to this page thorough one of our studies please read on.

If your performance score falls into the range of “Potential Prosopagnosic” or “Potential Super Recognizer”, please expect to be contacted by one of our recruitment specialists within the coming weeks. We will contact you to talk about your potential participation in further study procedures and explain all additional steps to you. The decision to participate in any additional procedures will remain fully voluntary and you will be free to withdraw and revoke your decision at any point in time.

If your score did not fall into the range of “Potential Prosopagnosic” or “Potential Super Recognizer” you will not be eligible to undergo further study procedures or enroll in any of our currently active protocols.

However, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and please check back to the website for updates.

You can contact us via this website’s contact page, via telephone at  1-800-RUCARES or email us at